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School Clubs

Science Olympiad
Do you like Science?  Then Science Olympiad is for you!
Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of science education.
Science Olympiad tournaments are academic interscholastic competitions consisting of a series of individual and team events that students prepare for during the year.  Practices begin after Winter break.  Winners are awarded a medal and the top schools a trophy.  There are no fees to participate and participants get a shirt.  Practices are held before and after school. Students build comradery and get to meet other students from the district while demonstrating their science knowledge.

Student Council 
The bobcats that join this club have been chosen by their peers, and made the choice to run for student council leadership team on their own. This group of students uphold all that it means to be a Bradley Bobcat! They uphold the ROAR expectations throughout each day of learning and act as leaders in our school. These students attend monthly meetings to plan school-wide events, community service projects, as well as act as a voice for their fellow peers. These students collaborate in order to serve as house leaders and lead monthly house pep rallies. The requirements for serving as a student council member are leadership skills, positive work ethic, 2 teacher recommendations, and parent permission to attend after school meetings.  

The Bradley Choir program is an opportunity for students who love to sing to come together and do just that. The program is designed to enhance musical creativity, vocal abilities,  and confidence in all students. Musical opportunities provided for students give them the opportunity to learn the basics of singing, reading music, learning different songs and styles of music, and experiencing the interconnected nature of music to other cultures and disciplines. Students perform for the school and the surrounding community multiple times throughout the year.

Bradley Bobcats that join the drama club will have an opportunity to be a part of a full theatrical production. Students will learn acting skills, work on building sets, making props, design costumes and make up, backstage support, technical crew and much more. Our club helps students build self-confidence, foster their imagination, creativity, and communication skills, while being engaged in the performing arts and theatre.