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MCS Band

Hello Band Students of JPE, RR, BR, and NF! 


I am excited to provide you with these resources to help you continue learning.


Personalized Videos from MCS Band Directors:

-Videos for Woodwind Players

-Videos for Brass Players

-Videos for Rhythm Reading (WW, B, and Perc):

-Videos for Pitch Reading (WW, B, and Perc):


Web links to music activities:

Note Names Game.


Essential Elements Interactive (For BR only)
Want to learn Piano this summer?


Apps/Games for Note Reading and Music Learning:

Staff Wars - Apple Devices

Staff Wars - Android

BR ONLY-Essential Elements Interactive- Apple Devices

BR ONLY-Essential Elements Interactive - Android Devices


Written Materials:

Each of you have your band books and sheet music that has been handed out! Practice the following sections, please: JPE, RR, NF: 30’s in the book, Louis Louis, Star Wars, and Sunflower. BR 5th: 20s-30s in our Book; BR 6th: 30’s-90’s in our book, Louis Louis, Lean on Me. If you need any help, or need an instrument or sheet music, PLEASE email me/dojo message. I will do everything I can to get you what you need to practice your instrument.


Musically yours,

Luke Hill