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Visitors & Volunteers

School Visitors and Volunteers
We welcome visitors to our school! Please report directly to the office, sign in, show a photo id, and obtain a visitor’s badge. Visitors are always welcome when the teachers know you are coming or appointments have been made in advance. Let teachers know when you are planning to visit or observe so that they can prepare for your visit. If you would like a conference concerning your child, please make an appointment so that the teacher can devote his/her full attention to your concerns. Faculty and staff members are to challenge anyone who does not have a visitor’s pass when in the hallways. 

Parents are welcome to visit and volunteer in classrooms. If you are planning to work or volunteer in a classroom, younger children are not permitted while other students are present. Parents are often used as chaperones to accompany students on fieldtrips away from the school campus. Parents may not bring any additional children with them on these trips. Your help is vital. However we must protect instructional time. Set up times to work with the teachers so that they have specific activities planned for you to do