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Mental Health Professionals Ashley Adams, Derica Cole, and Emma Collins

Murfreesboro City Schools (MCS) welcomes three transitional coaches to assist in responding to growing mental health needs for students. 

Ashley Adams, Derica Cole and Emma Collins will serve as transitional coaches at Bradley Academy, Reeves-Rogers Elementary and Mitchell-Neilson Schools respectively. These mental health professionals will be joining the MCS Mental Wellness Team including Stephanie Stavinoga and Aimee Garsnett. Together, with MCS social workers and counselors, the team will work to provide prevention and intervention in mental health services for Pre-K through 6th grade students in Murfreesboro. 

“Adding the transitional coaches is one additional approach to creating a safe and effective learning environment for all students. We can’t have a whole child approach and ignore the mental health needs of our children,” says Dr. Trey Duke, Director of Schools. “Our mental wellness team works directly with students to help create lifelong coping skills, healthier attitudes and better social and behavioral outcomes.” 

The transitional coaches are trained to develop effective therapeutic relationships with students and foster partnerships with parents and staff. The coaches will work with school administration and staff to assure students are receiving the support needed for their success. 

The Transitional Coach Program is funded by the School-Based Healthcare Solutions Network (SBHSN) as part of a 5-year grant. Across the country, schools are seeing a greater need for mental health services for children and adolescents. The SBHSN grant helps MCS fill the gaps for preventive as well as supportive care for students. 

Additionally, MCS works with local behavioral health providers like Centerstone and STARS to provide a continuum of support services for students.