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Bradley Academy was formerly known as Bradley Elementary School and was built in 1955. The front office, related arts classes, and media center was constructed in 2000 as an addition to the original building.

In 2006 Bradley Academy became a Value Plus School, meaning our emphasis was on integrating theatre, dance, and visual arts into our students’ learning experiences, and we added a Drama department, which gave students the opportunity to experience theater through school & local performances, weekly classes, and through yearly trips to the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, GA.

Bradley Academy became a STEM Accredited School in March of 2020, as our teachers and staff strive to prepare our students for the STEM careers of the future. Our 2050 Mindset is centered around creating students learning experiences where students employ strategies in collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

Bradley Academy is a K-6th grade school with an enrollment of 385-400 students. We have programs in special education, English as a secondary language, math and reading intervention, related arts, and general education. We also have a full time school counselor and part-time therapists who support students’ social-emotional development.

We are proud of our school and its ties to the surrounding community and city of Murfreesboro. We know Bradley Academy is a special place, and we invite you to visit so you can see why!

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