Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules: 

                   1.  Come to school ready to learn.
                   2.  Complete your work responsibly.
                   3.  Respect yourself and others.                                   
                   4.  Follow directions the first time.
                   5.  Always do your best!

This year we will be using a colored Clip Chart as well as Dojo Points to monitor our classroom behavior and classroom choices.  Each child will have a clip that they will physically move up or down depending on their choices they make throughout the day.  Please keep in mind that your child may not move every day and that is okay. In order to move up, students must go above and beyond expectations in their behavior choices.  Below is a chart that explains out Clip Chart:



Students who reach the Purple level will receive Dojo Points for their outstanding choices!  Their name will also be put on the wall of “Purple People” so that everyone can see their outstanding choices!


Great Job!

Students who make positive choices will move up to blue and receive Dojo Points as they move up chart for their great behavior.


Ready to Learn!

Everyone starts the day “Ready to Learn!”  Students can “clip up” or “clip down” throughout the day depending on their behavior choices.


Think About It!

Students who receive a warning will clip down to yellow and will owe me 1 fuzzy.  This serves as a reminder for students to think about the choices they make.


Teacher’s Choice!

Students who continue to make poor choices will clip down to orange and will lose Dojo Points.  This will result in a consequence that is appropriate for the choice that was made.  Different choices require different consequences. Children are different so consequences will vary depending on the child and the choice that was made.  Ex: Time out, loss of privilege, loss of recess, etc.


Talk About It!

Students who clip down to red will require parental contact or an office referral and could lose all Dojo Points.  Parents will be contacted via phone, email or note depending on the severity of the behavior and the overall situation.

Each day your child’s conduct will be mark down their behavior sheet that will be in their blue folder. I will mark the color that your child has ended the day on in the corresponding space of the week.  I will also mark next to the day(if needed) so that you will know exactly what happened and you will be able to talk with your child about their choices. Please look at these, sign and return them to school, so that you stay informed on your child’s choices!

Class Dojo.
We will also be using
Class Dojo which is a web based app that will allow parents to immediately see their child's behavior.