About Me

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Hello! My name is Kylie Goss.
I am the new art teacher at Bradley Academy and am so excited to have the opportunity to work in such a wonderful and creative school. I hope to bring a new light and fresh take on the art program. I am a big advocate of self-exploration and community efforts, so I strive to push these values in my classroom. I am a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor's in Art Education and minor in secondary education.

                                             FUN FACTS                                             

I am married and we have two dogs, two cats, and a snake.

Two people getting married
two cats sleeping two dogs laying
corn snake

My favorite colors are Sea foam green, plum purple, olive green, and mustard yellow.

seafoam green plum purple olive green mustard yellow

My favorite holiday is HALLOWEEN!
My favorite artists are

Alphonse Mucha

alphonse mucha zodiac

and Hayao Miyazaki

miyazaki sketch