Class Information, Procedures, & Requirements
Bradley Academy provides a planned instructional program for physical education.  This program provides sequential experiences, including movement, rhythms, relays, sports, games, basic stunts, and tumbling.

Each child will receive physical education at Bradley Academy.  To have a beneficial instructional program in physical education, your child should follow the following general procedures of the gym:

  • Enter and exit the gym in a quiet and orderly fashion.
  • Respect the rights of others while participating in activities and while using equipment.
  • Be considerate of others and not disrupt instruction time.
  • Follow safety procedures learned during instruction.
  • Each child should wear a pair of tennis shoes each day that they attend gym class (rubber spikes, sandals, hard sole shoes and socks will be taken off for the child's safety if tennis shoes are not present).
  • Girls are encouraged to wear shorts under their dresses on gym days (long dresses can be dangerous for activities in the gym).
What if my child should not participate in physical education due to an accident or illness?
     Physical education is a very important component of the arts collaborative education here at Bradley Academy.  As the physical education instructor, I understand that times will arise when you need your child to refrain from physical education instruction.  Please provide a written parent, guardian, or doctor note indicating the condition and length of excuse.