Cathey’s Kindergarten News Nov. 6-10, 2017

This Week:  

This week we will begin a new letter set Gg, Hh, Oo, Ll. Although we have introduced all letters since the beginning of the school year we have 4 sets of focus letters every 4 weeks. Please use the November letter fluency sheet and number fluency sheet each night to practice naming letters, sounds, and number I.D. Those sheets were placed in your child’s folder last Thursday, but let me know if you need another copy. Sight words should also be reviewed each night. Sight word sheets were given out during parent conferences Practicing with your child makes a big difference in their academic success. By the end of Kindergarten your child should be able to name at least 60 letters, letter sounds, and numbers in 1 minute for each skill.

Please help us raise money for our school through our cookie dough and wrapping paper fundraiser. Every sale makes an impact, and if your child sells at least 1 item they will receive an ice cream on the final turn in day which is November 16.

Thank you to all of the parents that came to Parent Conference day! We now have 15 of 17 parents signed up for Class DoJo! Thank you for your support of our classroom. Have a great week!