Rules & Expectations

All classroom instruction begins with effective classroom management. At Bradley we use PBS (Positive Behavior Support) to achieve social and academic success.  Students are given rewards, reminders, warnings, redirections, and consequences to ensure a safe and enjoyable learning environment. 

Reward & Incentives


Our class uses  a web-based classroom management system called ClassDojo. Classdojo is great because it reinforces positive learning habits and improves academic results. Each time a student demonstrates a desired behavior they earn Dojo points. However, when a student demonstrates an undesired behavior they lose Dojo points. Every student earns at least 3 Dojo points a day given that they have had great behavior. Students who go above and beyond my expectations can earn additional Dojo points. Students can use the Dojo points to purchase rewards such as free computer time, a day to sit in the teacher’s chair, and select an items from the Marvelous Manners Chest.