Classroom Rules and Procedures
Classroom Rules
Be ready! 
Be safe!
Be a friend to everyone!
Take care of yourself and our school!
ALWAYS do your best! 

Weekly Work Folders:

Your child’s work will be sent home each day in their weekly work folder. Please spend time with your child looking at their work.  They will have worked hard and will be very proud of their accomplishments!  Please send the work folder back to school each day.

Classroom Behavior: 

We will be using ClassDojo to monitor behavior in the classroom. A form will be sent home with an access code specifically for your child. Please be sure to sign up! 

The following behavior cycle will be followed to accompany ClassDojo points. the color will be stamped on your child's folder each day.

15+ points- Pink
10-14 points- Purple 
5-9 points- Blue 
0-4 points- Green
-1 point- Yellow
-2 points- Orange 
-3 points- Red 

Your child will start their day on the color green, which represents good behavior!  Your child will have the opportunity to earn and lose points throughout the day. 

Your child will bring a blue take home folder to school every day that will include the daily behavior grade. I will add comments and will stamp the folder with the color according to their behavior that day. There will be a spot for you to sign and add comments of your own each day.